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Generally, if you find you are struggling with a DIY task, you will probably find there is a specialist tool that would really help.

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One of the problems with handyman work is convincing customers not to feel bad if they haven't managed to do a job themselves and it is always nice to be able to tell them that we have a special tool for the job without which the job would be difficult, if not impossible. From dedicated spanners for fitting taps to specific pliers for stripping cables there is a whole array of tools available to make life easier. A really good website for finding and buying tools is www. You might well be surprised at how cheap tools are, except of course good cordless power tools, which are worth the investment.

We use DeWalt 18volt tools, which, although slightly heavy, have enough power to tackle drilling almost anything. So I'd say that spending money on tools is a wise investment and one that could remove a lot of frustration and a lot of loudly using the Lord's name in vain from many DIY tasks. For us at least, the 9. We came across an interesting problem this week that crops up now and again and can be very annoying. Its technical name is water hammer, but most people call it humming or banging pipes.

I like it when customers call with this problem, as their description usually involves them attempting to imitate the noise over the phone.


It is a real problem though and very frustrating if it happens in the night. Generally, water hammer occurs when a valve somewhere in the plumbing system is opened or closed and a common source of this is the toilet cistern valve.

It usually happens when the toilet is just about finished filling; it is the result of vibrations from the valve being transmitted and amplified down the water supply pipe. As you will know if you are a fan of Newton's third law, every action has an opposite and equal reaction, and this is what is happening with the noisy toilet. As the toilet fills and the valve closes, the pressure of the water is stopped and the energy bounces back along the pipe causing the noise. They joined the Frank family in the Secret Annex on 13 July Initially, Anne thought little of Peter, but as he became more confident, taking on handyman roles around the annex, Anne's opinion of him changed.

Live in, Housekeeper and Handyman/Driver, Bath UK

Romance blossomed, but in the close confines of the Secret Annex, it was brief. After the raid in August , Peter was transferred with the rest of the inhabitants to Westerbork camp and then on to Auschwitz-Birkenau. He watched as his father and a group of men were marched away, only later to see a truck return with just their clothing.

As the Russians approached, the Nazis evacuated the camp and after a long march from Auschwitz, Peter ended up at Mauthausen concentration camp, where he died on 5 May However, unlike Anne, I feel Peter didn't regret having to spend his youth locked up.

Diary of a Mad Renovator: The Handyman Can

I don't imagine he felt the time was a waste. He became very active - expanding his initiative, seeing what he could help with or build for the house.


I think he recognised the major need for him to become a strong man as soon as possible. What are these? Search term:.

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Find out more about page archiving. Before the Secret Annex Peter and his family lived in Germany until , before moving to Amsterdam to escape the persecution by the Nazi party.