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Lean Production Revision Quiz Revision quizzes. Quality - Explained Student videos. Lean Production Student videos.

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Critical Path Analysis Study notes. Making Operational Decisions Study presentations. Kaizen Study notes. Cell production Study notes. Simultaneous engineering Study notes. Time-based management Study notes. Lean Production Introduction Study notes. From the Blog. How BMWs are made 17th April Waste not, want not 5th December The talent acquisition team must continuously reach out and connect with interesting technical people to pull them into the talent pipeline.

Technical expertise is important, but Agile teams prosper when hiring candidates with the right attitude and cultural fit. The tendency for heroism and over specialization must be avoided. After all, success depends on the collective and collaborative skills of the team. Something beyond the bits and bytes, and even beyond their local team environment is required. Helping candidates understand the larger purpose of the organization is the best way to inspire them. Strengthen this by being genuine and dependable throughout the whole process. Make a solid, team-based decision — Talent acquisition is a shared responsibility, and no hiring decision should be made without the backing of the team.

After all, no employee can thrive without team support. Therefore, the team must be actively included in the hiring process. Prior to that, however, pre-integration activities, interactions, and access to information can enhance the onboarding experience. Post onboarding support requires communication and touch points with the individual, to assure that they are happy in the role, and that management is content with their performance. A high-quality recruitment process reduces the risk of bad hires and subsequent disruptions to the flow and performance of the team s.

Undeniably: Performance management is the most criticized HR process today.

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But despite a long list of complaints, many organizations still invest top dollars into a broken performance appraisal practice. While Performance Management was initially installed to align goals and foster joint efforts —it has since evolved into this the pivotal point for an entire set of HR practices, especially Compensation and Talent Management. No wonder, annual performance reviews have turned into a tense time for everyone involved. Managers tend to batch feedback, both negative and positive, into the annual feedback dump, depriving employees of the timely feedback they need to actually improve when it matters; and employees are nervous about their appraisal as it affects their upcoming compensation and promotional chances.

This means many companies excel at calculating ratings. But it comes at a high cost to the morale and motivation of people. However, the tides are shifting, and organizations of all shapes and sizes are already eliminating employee appraisals in order to respond to the challenges and interfaces to HR instruments.

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Figure 4 demonstrates the facts and trend of traditional performance management systems [3]. This challenges HR to push the reset button on performance management on all levels. Here is how SAFe can help re-optimize the system for performance flow:. SAFe shifts from month cycles to an iterative, interactive process measured in weeks and PI Plannings. These iterations reflect an optimal cadence and represent the new performance cycles. Utilize PI planning to share the vision, set inspiring goals, and clarify expectations — Being able to inspire people is imperative.

All members of the train come together to understand the business context and vision, set and synchronize goals, clarify expectations and dependencies, and commit to common objectives. This replaces static individual goals with verifiable collaborative objectives. Continuously inspect and adapt — Agile ceremonies like Iteration Reviews and Iteration Retrospectives are all about inspecting and adapting.

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While iterations focus on the system under development, not the people, they do provide formal and informal opportunities in team retrospectives each iteration and Inspect and Adapt program retrospectives to provide feedback on individual and team performance. The focus is, hence, no longer on assessing individual goals, but on continuous improvement — not only on a personal but also on a program enterprise level something neglected in traditional performance appraisals.

Embed learning and development into the workflow — Companies must constantly evolve, and Agile ways of working are all about learning. This gives people the time and space to improve and innovate at their own pace. Cross-role, cross-functional, and cross-team training further enhance the skills, flexibility, and utility of the knowledge worker. These mechanisms support the particular need of the knowledge worker and help the enterprise fulfill its responsibility to create a workflow that allows for active learning and growth.

Eliminate annual performance ratings in favor of continuous feedback — Instead of employee ratings, Agile organizations shape a culture of mutual respect where candid dialogues and continuous feedback consistently take place between leaders, employees, and peers. This focus on relentless improvement is a key part in embracing agility and achieving its full impact.

It also fundamentally increases the intensity and quality of discussions on personal accomplishments and growth potentials. These new ways of working fulfill the original goals of performance management far better than any annual performance rating. And by bringing a Lean-Agile mindset to all HR practices, people operations continuously engages, interacts, grows and recognizes talents — without the need for an employee appraisal to act as a trigger. Thus, making annual ratings and forced rankings obsolete in an agile world.

Performance flow in Agile enterprises is all about optimal cadence, responsiveness, and growth — not about monetary incentives. The industrial era belief that money is the strongest and only effective motivator for employees is firmly rooted in many organizations. Unsurprisingly, compensation and cash bonuses are still used as a predominant way to incentivize and recognize people — an expensive and ineffective approach for knowledge workers.

Meaningful reward and recognition for them come in forms of pride in achievement, social contacts, interesting work, new challenges, growth opportunities, and self-fulfillment. The way to take the topic of money off the table is by paying employees fairly and competitively, but also by having open and honest communication about pay, and by making matching compensation with adequate reward and recognition. Any job is consequently less stringent and instead, requires a high degree of flexibility and ability to activate and apply relevant knowledge. Once a knowledge worker accepts that they are fairly and competitively compensated, they are free to focus on the work, not the money.

This means empowering managers to set salaries and pay increases. But we have taken significant steps to remove software and development from the FW. Or at least call out the differences see the Agile Teams article as an example. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Find it here! Introducing a preview of SAFe 5. Why is this update important? You need business agility. What is business agility? Stay SAFe! Share Post Share this blog with everyone.

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Luke Hohmann 09 Oct - pm. Xavior 02 Oct - pm. The Agile Product and Solution Management APSM course presents these practices and we expect every product person will be interested in that course — Product Managers, Solution Managers, and portfolio members Regarding software-centric, most the articles emphasize products.

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