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If this be so, we can understand all the warnings against the flatteries of strange women with which Proverbs abounds. We can imagine how noble calmness, gentle dignity and queenly courage became hers. That she retained her influence over David until his death is proven by the way she reminded the king of his promise to make their son, Solomon, his successor.


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Hagar thereby reveals her incomprehension of her true standing. The above parable explains that the king wanted to see the noblewoman, and the maidservant was present only to aid her mistress. Accordingly, Hagar saw the angel of the Lord only by merit of Sarah. Hagar acted in a simple, straightforward manner, as is the way of handmaidens.

A New Reading of Shiphrah and Puah – Recovering their Voices - Rosalind Janssen,

She looked directly at the angel and did not realize that she should properly have covered her face. Sarah is spiritually superior to Hagar, and therefore her descendants will be worthier spiritually than the progeny of Hagar, whom they will rule. Hagar returned to the house of Abraham and bore him Ishmael. Since Ishmael was fourteen years older than Isaac, Abraham was eighty-six years old when he begat him Gen.

Seder Olam Rabbah 1.

In one view, Ishmael engaged in idolatry and Sarah saw him building pagan altars and trapping locusts, which he offered as sacrifices. In yet a third exegetical notion, Ishmael engaged in bloodshed. Sarah saw him take a bow and arrows and shoot at Isaac [i. Lieberman] There is also, however, a dissenting opinion that asks: Is it conceivable, Heaven forbid, that such would happen in the home of that righteous one [Abraham]? Why, it is said of Abraham Gen. I am the firstborn, and I will take two portions. Let this not be evil in your eyes. He took a garment and tied it to her loins, so that it would drag after her, for everyone to know that she was a handmaiden.

He sent her away from him and from Isaac his son, from this world and the next. Abraham stood to see which way they would go and by his merit they did not lack water in their goatskin gourd. Higger, chap. Midrash Tehilim loc. According to another tradition, Abraham was not grieved by his expulsion of Hagar. This notion is based on Gen. The midrash explains that Abraham knew that the members of his household were indulgent, and so he rose early in the morning, fearing lest they give Hagar presents, gold, and silver Gen.

He placed them over her shoulder, together with the child, and sent her away. Rather, Sarah had put an evil eye on Ishmael, thus inflicting him with a fever and illness.

A New Reading of Shiphrah and Puah – Recovering their Voices

The Torah she-bi-khetav : Lit. Such behavior is not suitable for a twenty-seven-year-old young man. This exposition presents the sending away of Hagar as a brutal act. This midrash anticipates what would happen in the wilderness. Paradoxically, it is the expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael that ensures them of continuity and life, far from the eyes of Sarah. Another interpretation derives sihim from sihah , conversation: Hagar put the child in the same place where the ministering angels had previously spoken with her in the wilderness Gen.

As described in v. According to another understanding, she directed accusations [ metihah ] against God.


If You say that Hagar was beloved because she was a convert [ giyyoret ], then so am I Ps. This tradition alludes to the exegesis that Ishmael was ill at the time that he was expelled from the house of Abraham and Sarah see above. When the angel showed the well to Hagar, it is said v. Another exposition learns from this that Hagar lacked faith in God.

She was afraid that there would not be enough water and the well would dry up, and so she first filled the skin, and then gave Ishmael to drink. After this event, the Torah states v. Hagar took a wife for Ishmael from the land of Egypt v. According to another tradition, Ishmael married a Moabite woman. Abraham went to visit his son three years after he had sent Hagar away. He swore to Sarah that he would not descend from the camel at the place where Ishmael was.

Three years later, Abraham went to visit his son Ishmael and he swore to Sarah, like the first time, that he would not descend from the camel in the place where Ishmael dwelled. When Ishmael came back, his wife told him what had happened and he understood that even now his father had had mercy for him as a father for his children Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer , ed.

Abraham is presented as continuing to guide Ishmael in the right path, even after the latter was expelled from his house. The Tannaim disagree regarding the identity of this woman see Gen. In most of the midrashim Keturah is identified with Hagar. One A type of non-halakhic literary activitiy of the Rabbis for interpreting non-legal material according to special principles of interpretation hermeneutical rules.

This is absolutely brilliant! Diana, your comment sent me on a short journey. It seems to make sense as in measure for measure. As for the ongoing problems with Ishmael, I cannot judge. Before I encountered Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi I had also been an idol worshipper, too blind to realize it. I had given up on finding the true G-d. I had stood outside the palace and wept.

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